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Round Rock Real Estate: Choosing a House Size

12th August 2013

The Way it Used to Be

Buyers of Round Rock Real Estate once looked at a real estate purchase with a different goal in mind. About 20 to 30 years ago, purchasers of properties liked to buy the biggest home that they could find, even if the extra space wasn’t really needed. By purchasing a bigger home, buyers assumed with they’d enjoy more of a gain on their Round Rock investment.

Don’t Buy More House than What You’ll Actually Use

However, with the progression of time, homebuyers found that any type of enthusiasm displayed in this regard could cause them to either lose their property or buy more house than what they really needed or could afford. Today, a large home in the Round Rock real estate market is usually made for families with larger space requirements.

Buy A Property that is Less than the Approved Mortgage Amount

Round Rock realtors suggest that buyers invest in properties that cost less than their approved mortgage amount. That way, they can ensure that the buyer can meet other housing costs, such as taxes, insurance, maintenance, or upgrades. When it comes to buying Round Rock real estate then, less is more in the real estate market today.

Will you be Using the Property in the Future?

So, as you’re perusing Round Rock real estate listings, you have to look at the homes in terms of space and the type of mortgage commitment you are willing to make. Round Rock real estate buyers who are younger are typically making it their goal to mortgage a home for about 15 to 20 years. Therefore, if you fall under this classification, you’ll want to ask yourself some of the following questions when you’re looking for a house.

  • How many people or pets will be occupying the home?
  • Do I plan to live in the Round Rock area for a while?
  • Do I have any aging relatives that might possibly move in with me at a future date?
  • If I don’t need some of the extra space in the house, can I rent it out?
  • Do I have the money to spend on any needed upgrades?
  • Can I set time aside to make any required repairs?
  • Can I optimally use the space that is available now?
  • Does the home meet my criteria with respect to lifestyle?

Answering the questions above can assist you in your decision in buying Round Rock real estate. By working with a Round Rock realtor, you can also locate a property that fits with your requirements with regards to affordability and upkeep.

A “Green” Lifestyle

The focus is on “green” today. So, you want to make sure you purchase a home where you can cut down on waste and practice sustainability. For instance, if you want to eventually use  solar power in your home, then choosing a Round Rock property that meets your space needs will enable you to pay less on any installations along these lines.

The Watchword Today in the Round Rock Real Estate Market

Economy is the watchword in the current real estate market. Talk to a Round Rock realtor about your real estate needs.



Round Rock Real Estate: Great Deals Out There Still

3rd August 2013

Yes, prices are going up for most Round Rock real estate but there are still great deals out there if you know where to look.  There are lots of Round Rock foreclosures and lots of over prices homes that have been sitting on the market for a long time now…those can be great opportunities for getting a deal, those sellers are ready to make a deal!  Call us and we can set you up with Round Rock MLS Direct Access so you can get updates and alerts of all the hottest new Round Rock listings when they first come on the market.  Our list includes foreclosures, distress sales and Round Rock HUD homes.

Forbes names Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos #1 fastest growing metropolitan area!

7th February 2013

Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos metropolitan area has been named the #1 fastest growing area by Forbes!  They based this study on the following:

  • The estimated population growth rate for 2012 and 2013
  • The job-growth rate in 2012
  • The rate of gross metro product growth, or economic growth, for 2012

Read the article to see the other 9 city areas to follow our lead!

Also — check out this article from, which gives a quick insight of a great NEW home community opening soon in Hutto.

Williamson County Housing Statistics

4th February 2013

With tight inventory of homes on the market, there still seems to be a solid buyer interest.  Take a look at the housing statistics report (courtesty of Williamson County Association of Realtors) below.

Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtor’s chief economist, states that he expects existing-home sales to increase another 9 percent in 2013, following a 9 percent rise in 2012.

Read more about Williamson County or contact me for more info about the Round Rock housing market.

Hey Round Rockers and Austinites! Today is Austin Modern Home Tour!

2nd February 2013

Today marks one of Austin’s hottest Real Estate related events – The 2013 Austin Modern Home Tour!  This exciting tour showcases the amazing architecture of 16 modern homes in the Austin area.  Each home has it’s own unique flair created by astounding Architects and is sure to take your breath away with each home you visit.

The tour is a self-paced, self-driving tour so you can go in any order you choose and see as little or as many homes as you can during the event hours of 11am-6pm.  Buy tickets online here, and then see the map which shows the many will-call locations you can pick your tickets up at!

Ticket holders are also invited to the After Party & Architect’s Panel from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at iPic Theatres at the Domain

Austin Modern Living, Realtors is happy to present the exquisite home at 212 W. Live Oak!  See more information about this particular home here, as well as all of the other beautiful homes that will be on display today.

212 W. Live Oak – photo courtesy of

Round Rock’s Teravista best in Austin Area for 2012 new-home starts

31st January 2013

In a study by national market research firm Metrostudy, it shows that Round Rock’s housing community Teravista earned the #1 spot for new-home starts (which means the construction of new homes) in 2012 for the Austin area!  Teravista inked 272 new-home starts in the year 2012, which was a 42% increase from 2011 to 2012.

photo courtesy of Google Images

The number of homes sold in 2012 were 239, with a 12.7 % increase from 2011, in which 212 homes were sold.  This expansive community which consists of 1,550 acres near the intersection of South I-35 and University Boulevard in Round Rock, benefits from the Austin housing market, says Vaike O’Grady, marketing director for Teravista’s developer, Newland Communities.

Read more on this short but great article on Impact News here.  Teravista homes range from high $100,000′s to $600,000 and up.  There are several new home builders that offer many great homes with all sorts of floor plans to choose from, and there are also resale homes on the market with the Teravista community.  Contact me to talk about all that Teravista has to offer!

Round Rock’s Population may exceed 158,000 by 2030!

31st January 2013

Ever wonder just how fast Round Rock is growing?  Impact News  reports that Round Rock’s population is expected to continue growing by 2 percent to 3.1 percent through 2030, when it is anticipated to exceed 158,000.  With the Austin population the way it is now, it’s easy to see why it’s projected that, over the next 25 years, the growth will shift from Austin to the north Williamson County area.

“Williamson County now joins this big group of growing counties, like Fairfax [Va.], Orange County [Calif.], and DuPage [Ill.]” says city of Austin Demographer Ryan Robinson, who is monitoring Williamson County’s growth.  44,000 of Austin’s residents reside within Williamson County.

The land along the former Missouri-Kansas Railroad line that runs north/south through the city roughly parallel to A.W. Grimes Boulevard is said to have been identified for potential construction of a future mass-transit… that is an interesting thought.

Round Rock and other cities in Williamson County are facing the future of what is to come, so are preparing now for projects such as water supply and future projects of housing and transportation.  Check out the full article here and also look at the chart showing Williamson County and Round Rock population projections.

Oh!  You should also read why Austin areas are one of the best areas to retire to.

Keep Calm and good day to you :)



Round Rock first city in the state to build unique highway system

8th January 2013

So if you live in Round Rock and frequent the IKEA and Outlet mall area along University Blvd., it’s no secret that the traffic can get crazy congested… but here is something to smile about. :) To alleviate this problem, TxDOT and the Round Rock Transportation Department plan to construct an unorthodox highway interchange model that they believe will speed up the flow of vehicles while also saving the state millions of dollars in construction!

photo courtesy of Impact News

Originally built in France two decades ago,  the roadway design is referred to as a “diverging diamond interchange” (DDI), and one of its most identifiable features is a crossover that directs drivers to the left side of the road.  This is supposed to give as much of a 75% improvement in delay time…. I’m thinking YES!  I am so excited to see this happen!  All in good time, all in good time… this project is supposed to begin in 2014.  Chris Bishop of TxDOT says that this project will help with improvement in roadways and rapid growth of Williamson County.  I am crossing my fingers because, as a Round Rock resident myself, I am not going anywhere else anytime soon!

Watch the video on YouTube about Diverging Diamond Interchange roadway design and go to Impact News to read the full article!

And if you are even thinking of buying, selling, or leasing in Round Rock, please feel free to contact me!  Send me a message on Facebook!

Good day.

Round Rock Family Night is TONIGHT!

7th December 2012

Round Rock Family Night is tonight!

~ Downtown Round Rock ~ starts at 6:30pm
~ FREE event
~ bring the little ones to see Santa and don’t forget to bring your wish list!
~ live music, games, performances, a big bon fire, and much more!


And while you are in Round Rock, please let me know if you happen to see a home for sale or rent that you’d like to check out!  I’d be happy to show you, just give me a call, text, email, or message me on Facebook!

Williamson County will only continue to GROW!

1st December 2012

As I sat in my office this morning reading the Austin Business Journal and sipping on a hot cup of hazelnut coffee – my attention was captured by this article.  It gives you all the details about Williamson County’s rapid growth!!

Be sure to check out the growth charts slideshow – it’s definitely eye-opening!

Currently, on the market to date – there are 372 active properties in Round Rock for sale from mid $60K to mid $700K.  In Georgetown, there are 409 active properties on the market from as low as $84K.

I’d love to be your Realtor, and help you make your dream of home ownership a reality.  Lets get together over coffee…. or tea, or a milkshake… whatever you prefer! :)

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