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Round Rock Open Houses Make House Hunting Fun

22nd August 2013

Sunday Open Houses: Welcoming Homebuyers into the Round Rock Real Estate Market

While it is easy to go online and survey the homes in the Round Rock real estate market, you can get a better idea of a neighborhood and property by attending one of a series of Round Rock open houses. In fact, some Round Rock residents make a routine of the activity. After all, how many homes can you normally visit and walk right in without knocking?

A Big Texas Welcome

Usually, if you attend one of the Round Rock open houses, the realtor will either be engaging and shake your hand or leave some fliers on a counter and remain inconspicuous. If you’re already working with a realtor and the open house agent solicits you, just give him your realtor’s business card for clarification.

Visit a Round Rock Open House Today

However, if you haven’t retained a Round Rock realtor yet, an open house event makes it possible to talk to an agent and take the necessary steps to get listed or pre-qualified. Unlike looking online, Round Rock open houses  give you an opportunity to explore a specific area and get better acquainted with the real estate process.





Round Rock Real Estate: Considering the Country Life

21st August 2013

The Country Lifestyle: Not Always What It Seems

Among the Round Rock real estate listings, country homes offer up-to-date amenities that you can’t find in other places in the U.S. However, the purchase of a more rustic retreat outside of Round Rock may cause you to reconsider the luxury and convenience of Round Rock life, especially when it comes to enjoying citified amenities.

For example, city dwellers who purchase a country homestead away from the Round Rock area frequently are surprised by some of the unmentioned rigors of the “idyllic” country life. You certainly don’t want to learn about some of these difficulties after you’ve moved into such a house. Unlike homeowners who enjoy city conveniences, country residents often have to face issues related to water pressure, septic deterioration, and noise and air pollution coming from nearby farms or feedlots.

Check the Direction of the Wind

While you may think you are escaping to a peaceful, bucolic life, you might also find yourself exposed to the noise, odors, and pesticides from surrounding ranches or farms. So, carefully scrutinize a country property’s location as well as the general direction of the prevailing winds.

Home Inspection: Another Story Out in the Country

Unlike living in one of the Round Rock luxury homes, the inspection process can become quite involved in a country homestead. While you only need to get a quick yet thorough evaluation of your property for Round Rock real estate, a country house can necessitate a number of inspections, including assessments for the well and septic field.

A Peaceful and Serene Setting

So, if you have considered retreating to the country, it may be better to settle in the Red Rock area and buy a nice property in the Red Rock real estate market. Red Rock offers a peaceful and serene setting for anyone who likes city or country life.



Round Rock Real Estate Financing

20th August 2013

How Will You be Financing Your New Home?

Before you even think about getting pre-approved for a loan and looking at Round Rock real estate or Round Rock foreclosures, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of some of the legalities as well as the financing. After all, the first thing that will probably come to mind when you find a property you like is how you will be financing it. With the number of Round Rock foreclosures on the market, this is certainly an important consideration.

General Types of Financing

Basically, there are three ways you can finance Round Rock real estate. Fixed rate mortgages, as you might surmise, are loans with interest rates that do not change over the course of the financing. Adjustable rate mortgages, also called ARMs, have a rate that is fixed for a certain length of time before being adjusted periodically. This adjustment is made in connection with current market rates.

Balloon Mortgages in Basic Terms

Balloon mortgages may have floating or fixed interest rates. The loans typically come with seven years’ worth of payments, all based on an amortization schedule of 30 years. The principal and interest is due in full at the end of the 7-year period. The Fannie Mae balloon loan for seven years is an example of this kind of financing. When the balance comes due, the mortgagor typically has the option of either paying off the mortgage or refinancing the loan amount.

Consider Your Future when Choosing Financing

The type of financing you choose for Round Rock real estate has a great deal to do with the number of years you plan to stay in the property, your career goals, and your plans, if applicable, for starting a family. Many new buyers today are choosing to stay in their home longer and are taking out fixed rate loans for as long as 30 years. Others are considering ARMs for financing, especially if they will be moving again within the next five years. Regardless of what you decide, discuss your housing goals with a Round Rock realtor. He or she can get you pre-approved and point you in the right direction as far as selection and price.





Round Rock Real Estate: A Taste of Small Town Texas

19th August 2013

The Sports Capital of Texas

One of the great things about looking at Round Rock real estate is the fact that Round Rock luxury homes and single-family dwellings are close to so many family-friendly sites and attractions. Not only does Round Rock have its fair share of city parks, it also boasts a number of sites where you can participate in such sports as baseball, softball, disc golf, horseshoes, fishing, volleyball, golf and basketball. Needless to say, Round Rock has earned its reputation as being the “Sports Capital of Texas”.

Enjoy High-end Amenities without Becoming House Poor

If you are looking for Round Rock real estate, you’re taking a wise step as you’ll find that living in Round Rock or investing in Round Rock foreclosures is a move you’ll be glad you made. For example, Round Rock luxury homes are priced so you can enjoy high-end amenities without becoming house poor. Plus, Round Rock real estate is close to community activities, shopping complexes, and restaurants, all which will endear you to this Texas-friendly locale.

Cool Off with a Shaved Ice at Kawaii’s

Shoppers like visiting the Round Rock Premium Outlets for bargains on name-brand items while sports enthusiasts, especially golfers, enjoy playing on the links at one of the Round Rock area’s many golf courses. Teravista real estate in the Round Rock area features homes that are just steps away from the community’s own golf course. Enjoy the Mexican cuisine at Garcia’s Café or cool off with shaved ice at Kawaii’s. You’ll love the small-town feel of Round Rock and living in Round Rock Real Estate.



A Close-up Look at Round Rock Real Estate

18th August 2013

A Laid Back Yet Thriving Place to Live

If you want to live in a laid back community that is also a thriving place to live, then you can’t go wrong with Round Rock or Round Rock real estate. Whether you’re an investor looking over a list of Round Rock foreclosures or an interested buyer in a Round Rock home, you’ll, no doubt, be making a smart move in your choice of a property. Even a bit of Panhandle rain can’t deter someone from settling into Round Rock real estate or investing in a property.

A Bright Economic Future

As you know, Round Rock does experience its share of drought conditions every now and then. In fact, sometimes the place is so dry that the ducks can forget how to swim. That’s the part of the bacon here that doesn’t have any sizzle. However, that being said, the community spirit here trumps any bad weather. As a result then, Round Rock real estate holds a great deal of appeal. That’s because the Lone Star State is distinct as it has not been adversely affected from housing booms like other parts of the U.S. Therefore, the economic future looks bright for such Texas cities as Austin, Round Rock and Houston.

Two Major Advantages of Living in Round Rock: Low Property Taxes and Utility Rates

So, even if the birds in the area have had to resort to building their nests with barbed wire, it’s not true for the Round Rock citizenry. Whether you’re seeking good deals on Round Rock luxury homes or choosing properties from among a list of Round Rock foreclosures, you’ll be rewarded in one of a number of ways.

For example, Round Rock is near such major companies as Dell, Dresser, and TECO-Westinghouse. Not only that, Round Rock is a notably safe place in which to live and boasts low property tax and utility rates. And that’s not all broth and no beans. Those are actual facts!

Take Time to Browse the Listings

So, while Round Rock residents may have to pay higher for their home insurance in order to avert any damage from winds, snow, wildfires, or rain, the benefits certainly outweigh Mother Nature’s mood swings. Check out Round Rock foreclosures or the Round Rock real estate listings when you get an opportunity and see the advantages for yourself.


Turn Your Home into One of the Round Rock Luxury Homes

17th August 2013

Every King Has His Castle

The place in which you live is your castle. Therefore, you can enjoy Round Rock real estate amenities even in a house that is considered a starter home. Add some little perks that make your home a more pleasant and comfortable place in which to live. Round Rock luxury homes can even be found among the most modest of properties.

Automate Your Round Rock Real Estate

For example, you don’t have to pay out a lot of money to automate any of the homes in the Round Rock real estate market. Whether you own one of the Round Rock luxury homes or live in a less pricey property, you can enjoy a smart home system upgrade. A programmable thermostat is easily affordable and can be included in all kinds of residences.

A User-friendly Upgrade

User-friendly automation makes it possible for Round Rock residents to set their home’s internal temperature so it adjusts according to whether or not someone is in the house. You can even make adjustments from a mobile app. Such intuitive features extend to lighting, security alarms, and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors as well.

The Overall Cost

Again, installing this small luxury is very inexpensive. You can automate your home for around $150 to $200. It just depends on the square footage of your property and how many devices you’ll end up needing.

Give Your Landscape a Facelift

You can also make Round Rock real estate more luxurious by giving your landscape a facelift. Adding outdoor seating or installing window boxes doesn’t cost that much but certainly says a lot with respect to looks and aesthetics.

Some Minor Enhancements that Luxuriate a Home

Luxury can be underscored too by the details you add inside and outside of your Round Rock real estate. Small, notable tweaks, such as replacement windows or doors and exterior or interior shutters, definitely will enhance the appearance of your property. Adding crown baseboards and moldings can make a house seem more regal too. So, even if your property is not considered to be one of the Round Rock luxury homes, you’ll certainly feel it’s a palace when you make some upgrades.

Small Customizations

Think about including built-ins in your Round Rock real estate as well. Add such customizations as a built-in kitchen table, a daybed beneath a window, or built-in shelves. You might also think about using specific areas in your home for more than one activity. For example, set aside a corner of your great room for a reading area or establish an office space in a kitchen nook.

 Turning Your Home into a Castle

What parts of your Round Rock real estate can you make more luxurious? After all, you don’t have to live behind a gate to turn even a small home into your own special castle. Check out Round Rock luxury homes and Round Rock real estate on the Austin Modern Living real estate site. See all the  Round Rock foreclosures as well.


Staying Fit is a Priority for Round Rock Real Estate Residents

16th August 2013

The CHASCO YMCA: Where Round Rock Real Estate Residents Go to Get Fit

Residents living in the homes in the Round Rock real estate market regularly enjoy the program offerings at the CHASCO Family YMCA, which is located at 1812 North Mays Street. The facility plays host to a variety of fitness programs for people of all abilities and ages.

Hours and Amenities

The main part of the facility, which is open from 5:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., offers Round Rock real estate residents with such amenities as a natatorium, full-size gym, outdoor athletic fields, group exercise areas, and fitness and weight rooms. In addition, locker rooms, an indoor playscape, spin studio, and cardio theater are all showcased as well. “The Loft,” in the facility, is the women’s gym.

Contact Information

If you are new to Round Rock and want to try out the facility, you can obtain a day pass for non-members for $3.50 for the natatorium or buy a pass for all the areas for $8.00. To obtain further information, give CHASCO Family YMCA a call at (512) 246-YMCA (9622).




Marketing Round Rock Real Estate: Listing a Property

15th August 2013

Listing Your House: It’s Not as Easy as it Sounds

If you’re trying to sell your Round Rock real estate in order to buy another house, it’s important to send the right message. While you may think that you’re using good descriptives when you are listing your property, they may not be representing the message you really want to convey. The choice of words you use then can mean the difference between capturing a buyer’s attention or causing him to move on down the listing page.

Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes

That’s why it’s important to consult with a Round Rock realtor when you’re listing Round Rock real estate. A Round Rock realtor can help you with marketing your house so you’ll attract the interest of a buyer rather than a skeptical attitude. Scrutinize the way a listing reads and consider how it might be perceived from a potential buyer’s point of view.

Most real estate buyers will look at the listing language by reading between the lines, so to speak, or forming their own interpretation. Therefore, think about the mental images that may be construed from the words you choose to use. For example, if your home is classified as one of the smaller, older houses in the Round Rock real estate market, you’ll have to use a bit of creativity to grab a buyer’s attention.

For instance, you might think that it is positive to use such descriptives as “cozy” or “inviting” when, in fact, those words might be considered as being negative. Translated, the words “cozy” and “inviting” might be perceived as “an extremely small house with more curb appeal than it has upgrades.”

Look at What’s Trending

Rather than marketing the house like it’s a cute cottage then, it might be better underscore the home’s interior décor. Focus on on-trend brands, such as Pottery Barn, and stage the house so that the interior style matches the image you’re trying to represent.

Be Prepared to Make Upgrades, if Needed

Also, be prepared to wait for your house to sell if you include such words as “needs some TLC” in the real estate ad for your property. While you may attract a few buyers who consider themselves to be expert do-it-yourselfers, most potential purchasers will move on to a listing that features upgrades.

Consider the Demographics

The ways that Round Rock real estate properties are portrayed can have a good deal of impact on traffic flow and the market value of a home. So, before you list your Round Rock real estate, look at your community’s demographics and consider the attitude and needs of the real estate buyer.

Talk to a Round Rock Realtor for Assistance

Talk to a Round Rock realtor for assistance when you list your property. Get an idea of what you want to say by surveying the listings on the site today.


Round Rock Real Estate Market is Home to a Safe and Pleasant Community

14th August 2013

Round Rock Real Estate Crime Statistics Show Round Rock to Be Very Safe

The Round Rock real estate market not only offers affordable luxury homes, it is also home to one of the safest communities in the U.S. That finding was noted in January 2012 on ABC affiliate station KVUE in Austin. At that time, the Round Rock real estate metro area was deemed to be the eleventh safest spot among metro areas containing 100,000 or more people. Round Rock is also the second safest city in the state. Only Allen is considered safer.

Good for Families and Business Growth

It’s no wonder then that families like raising their kids in Round Rock, which is also home to pleasant parks and a quality school system. Not only is the low crime rate in the city good for family life, it also bodes well for business expansion too.

The Basis for the Calculations

When crime rate calculations are made, they are based on six crime classifications, including car theft, burglary, aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery.



An Overview of the Teravista Golf Community Near Round Rock

13th August 2013

Heaven on Earth for a Golfer

Location, Location, Location! That is what it’s all about when you are buying or selling a property. Round Rock realtor listings are no exception to the rule. Today, the cities of Austin and Round Rock offer some of the best property values in the U.S. For example, the Teravista real estate community, which is situated north of Austin and sits between Round Rock and Georgetown, represents a beautiful, Texas-friendly location – a master-planned golf community that can only be defined as idyllic.

The Teravista Golf Club

A Little Bit About the Golf Club at Teravista

The Teravista real estate community features an 18-hole championship course – one of the premium courses in the state of Texas. Comprised of 1,555 acres, the gently rolling greens provide golfers with a variety of practice areas as well as five sets of tees, all which makes living in Teravista a resident golfer’s dream.

Laid-back or Active – You’ll Like the Homes Featured Among the Teravista Real Estate Listings

Residents like the opportunities to play golf and hike and enjoy the scenery in this peaceful hill country location. You might say, in Texas vernacular, that locals take to the community much like a sticker burr takes to bare feet. Teravista is one of those places that meets all of a property owner’s requirements. You’ll feel right at home, whether you tend to be more active or prefer a more laid back way of life.

Why Location is Important

Once you visit the Teravista real estate community, you’ll fully understand the importance of location in the real estate market. It’s not a myth that a home’s location affects its value. Therefore, where you choose to settle impacts the kind of education your children will attain, the amount of time it takes to commute to work, the kind of health care you’ll receive, and your overall security.

Teravista and Round Rock – Home to the Silicon Hills

Happily, the homes featured in the Teravista real estate community are close to top-of-the-line medical care facilities and academic institutions as well as major employers. After all, your ability to obtain a job can either limit or open up your employment choices overall. Fortunately, residents living in Teravista and the surrounding communities work for such great companies as Dell or TECO-Westinghouse, or in professional and technical jobs in smaller companies.

The Price-to-Rent Ratio – Easily Make the Transition into Buying a House

Location will determine whether or not you rent or buy a property too. If the price-to-rent ratio slips below 15%, then that’s an indication that it’s more affordable to purchase a house rather than it is to rent. Currently, the price-to-rent ratio for the Austin area is 21.4%. However, you also have to consider that the employment outlook is excellent in and around the area and that property taxes and utility costs are lower than average. Therefore, assuming a mortgage is a fairly easy process, whether it’s in Teravista or Round Rock itself.

 Where to Check out Round Rock and Terra Vista Real Estate Listings Online

Review all the select homes in the Round Rock area and the Teravista real estate community by visiting the site. Homes in the Teravista community range from $100,000 to around $600,000 in price.



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