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Round Rock Real Estate: Don’t Become House Poor

15th September 2013

While the Round Rock real estate market has a number of fabulous homes, you don’t want to become house poor, or get into a situation where most of your money goes toward your payment. You may believe buying a dream house in the Round Rock real estate market is worth it, but you’ll soon start to feel otherwise if you have to make certain sacrifices with respect to lifestyle.

Fortunately, investors of Round Rock real estate know that the luxury homes in the marketplace are quite reasonable, especially when you compare what you’re getting with other areas of the country. Therefore, if you buy a home for the recommended price, or one that costs about 2 ½ times of what you make annually, you’ll be making a good buy. So, shoot for a home that is around $250,000 if you make $100,000 per year.

That’s the gauge you should use if you want to buy a luxury home and have some of your money go toward other purchases, such as dining out, shopping, or transportation. As Round Rock has a number of great dining establishments and retail stores, you’ll want to plan your budget so you can afford both your home and area amenities. Find out more about the Round Rock real estate market by looking at the home selections at the Austin Modern Living site.



Round Rock Real Estate Residents Support Youth Athletics

31st August 2013

The Round Rock Real Estate Market is Home to Sports Enthusiasts

You can’t live in a home in the Round Rock real estate market without supporting or participating in sports in one form or another. Therefore, Round Rock real estate residents often find that both they and their children will ultimately become involved in some type of athletic pursuit. After all, Round Rock is the Sports Capital of Texas,” so it’s almost unavoidable.

Round Rock Youth Athletic Leagues

Youth athletic leagues for volleyball, basketball, and track and field are all featured in coordination with the SMART training program for Moms and Dads. The SMART Program in Round Rock is designed to develop a positive sports experience for both young people and their parents. Program training reviews the formation of teams, game and practice schedules, and what is and what is not considered appropriate behavior on the athletic field or court.

How to Obtain Further Information

You can gain more information about SMART training and team and league sign-ups by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department at 512-218-5540.





Round Rock Luxury Homes Provide Golf Course and Water Views

30th August 2013

Golf Course and Water Views

Round Rock luxury homes are not only elegant inside, they also offer homeowners with stunning water and golf course views. Many of the homes feature 4,000 square feet of living area, including 3 to 4 bedrooms and an equal number of baths. Other parts of a standard package include formal living and dining areas, media room, and an expansive family room.

Texas Living at its Finest

Living on the water or next to a golf course gives you the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle at home without having to fight weekend traffic in order to do so. If you’re going to buy a luxury home then, don’t acquire your dream house without thinking about the view. Fortunately, Round Rock luxury homes make it possible for you to enjoy high-end amenities and take in the beauty of the Texas landscape at the same time.

Homes that Sit on Golf Courses Have a Higher Resale Value

When buying luxury real estate, it’s also essential that you also consider the resale value of the Round Rock home you buy. Round Rock luxury homes that sit on golf courses or which overlook the water hold or increase in value more easily than other luxury properties.

A Tranquil Lifestyle

Even if your Round Rock luxury home is situated near a golf course or body of water, it generally will hold a higher value than luxury real estate that is notably landlocked or doesn’t come with a view. When you live on the water or a golf course in Round Rock, you not only enjoy modern conveniences and culture and entertainment, you can also savor the peace that comes with living a tranquil lifestyle.



Find Great Deals on the List of Round Rock Real Estate Foreclosures

29th August 2013

Reviewing the List of Round Rock Real Estate Foreclosures

Texas real estate investors regularly scan the list of Round Rock real estate foreclosures as the prices just can’t be beat. Even if a property in the Round Rock real estate market is not a foreclosure, it’s usually a good deal. Plus, any Texan who has had to go through foreclosure is treated equitably. If you foreclose on a property in Texas, you don’t have pay any more money to the bank if the sale of the foreclosure reaps less than what you owe.

Good Real Estate Values

The list of Round Rock real estate foreclosures can lead you to some good real estate values, whether you choose to fix up a property or are selecting one of the Round Rock luxury homes. Along with price, other benefits associated with buying Round Rock foreclosures include reduced competition, less paperwork, and easier acquisition. Round Rock is an ideal place in which to invest as the city conveys a family-friendly environment, an affordable standard of living, and a healthy job market. Therefore, it’s the perfect community for a real estate buyer to see sizeable returns on his properties.



Round Rock Real Estate Appeals to Out-of-State Home Buyers

28th August 2013

People Love Texas

People love Texas and Round Rock real estate. So, when people decide to cast a vote with their feet, they often choose the Lone Star state when they relocate. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, about 75% of Texans, who were born in the state, are still residents. Compare that statistic with Alaska, which has the fewest native-born locals living in its glacial setting.

Reasons Why People are Moving to Texas

However, it’s not the weather that encourages people to live in Round Rock real estate.  Texans experience enough toad-strangler rains to understand that the climate is not the primary draw. The main reasons people choose to live in the state and the Round Rock and the Austin area is because jobs are plentiful, the cost of living is cheaper, and the housing is far more affordable. Texans don’t have to pay personal state income tax either, all which makes the Lone Star State all the more inviting.

Family-friendly Listings

So, if you’ve been searching for a homestead in Texas, you’re on the right track. Look at the family-friendly Round Rock real estate listings online and see for yourself why the Round Rock real estate market is hotter than a stolen tamale.




Why Californians are Looking at the Round Rock Real Estate Market

27th August 2013

Many Californians are Choosing to Call Texas Home

According to one report issued in February 2013, a lot of Californians are making the decision to become Texan. Californians continue to make the Lone Star State home because of the state’s lower taxes, reduced housing prices, and business-friendly environment.

Texas Offers a Much Lower Cost of Living

Because the cost of living in Texas is much lower than it is in California, it isn’t surprising that Californians are looking at the Austin area and Round Rock real estate for a house. For example, in 2012, the median price per square foot for California homes was approximately $230. Compare that to Texas, whose price per square foot price was about $85. Not only that, California has a higher unemployment rate (around 10%), compared to Texas, whose unemployment rate stands at around 6%. Taxes are lower in Texas too by about two percent.

Round Rock Luxury Living – A Strong Draw

In addition, a good many Californians are used to living in luxury homes. Therefore, the temptation to settle in Texas, with its warm, friendly atmosphere, lower prices, and high-end homes, is just too obvious to overlook. That’s why the Austin area and Round Rock luxury homes, in particular, offer such a strong appeal.

Some of the Best Properties in the Country

However, you don’t have to reside in California to see the wisdom of looking at Round Rock real estate or Round Rock luxury homes. Check out the listings today and you’ll soon discover why Round Rock luxury homes are considered to be some of the best properties in the U.S.

Round Rock Luxury Homes Offer Popular High-end Amenities

26th August 2013

One of the Great Things about Living in Round Rock: Round Rock Luxury Homes

One of the great things about living in Round Rock is its Round Rock luxury homes, all which feature a variety of popular, high-end amenities. Certain amenities though will spark the interest of a buyer more than others, so if you’re in the market to sell you’re luxurious abode, it can’t hurt to find out more about the features that will cause a buyer to make a bid.

Lavish Textured Walls

One of the niceties that encourages buyers to buy are lavish textured walls, treatments for the ceilings, and floor finishings. For example, adding wood panels or intricately designed tiles in your décor are upgrades that will add just that much more appeal to your Round Rock real estate.

It’s All in the Details

Round Rock buyers prefer luxury homes that showcase a lot of attention to detail as well. So, whether you choose to install built-in cabinets or an elaborately planned plumbing or electrical system, you will find that those kinds of add-ons will profit you in the long run.

Unify Your Living Space

In Round Rock luxury homes, great rooms are made up of a kitchen, dining room, and living area. To make this design even more inviting, it’s a good idea to blend the color and lighting so it is unified in the living space. Buyers of Round Rock luxury homes also appreciate outdoor amenities, especially fully equipped outdoor kitchens or infinity pools. Add a wood-fire stove to the kitchen outdoors and you will definitely seal a real estate deal.

Sustainable yet Luxurious

Naturally, buyers like energy efficiency incorporated into any kind of Round Rock real estate. Properties that feature eco-friendly upgrades, geothermal systems, and solar panels also have special appeal. Include technological amenities, such a state-of-the-art security and smart systems, and you will find that your Round Rock real estate will be an elite, if not a very sellable, property.










Round Rock Real Estate: Spotting a Hazardous Tree

25th August 2013

Getting Rid of the Hazards that Trees Can Present

If you live in Round Rock or are planning on buying Round Rock real estate, then you’ll find that the city is accommodating when it comes to getting rid of hazards, especially trees on public property. To lower what you pay for homeowner’s insurance and reduce your risk of liability, it’s important to clear away any natural hazards on a piece of Round Rock real estate.

Avoiding a Problem with Liability

With respect to trees, you’ll need to note the situation if you spot a hazardous tree during your search for Round Rock real estate. Hazardous trees can be defined as those trees that have broken branches, contain overhanging limbs, or feature split trunks. Any feature of a tree that could eventually cause property damage or injure an individual should be immediately addressed.

Time is of the Essence

If a tree is located on private Round Rock real estate, then it’s up to the resident to remove the hazard. Either ask an arborist to look at the tree or prune the tree yourself. Again, since you’re liable for any damage caused by a tree, it’s important to take care of the situation as soon as you can.

Choosing a Tree Trimmer: Obtain References

Make sure, if you retain the services of an arborist or tree trimmer, that he can provide proof of insurance and some references that can be checked. He should also be a member of a professional association, such as the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA.

Beware of Tree Trimmers Who Offer the Topping of Trees

For any personal Round Rock real estate landscaping that you need, beware of any tree company that offers the topping of trees. Topping can harm trees and is not a standard practice among arborists. Also, make sure to avoid using tree trimmers that use spikes to ascend the trees they are trimming. Climbing spikes should only be used on trees that are being permanently cut down or removed. Check out the tree trimmer’s record with the BBB.

Who to Call if You Spot a Tree Hazard on Public Property

If a tree is located on public property, then you need to contact the Urban Forestry Division of the City of Round Rock at 512-218-5540. The City will remove the hazard once they are notified.


Round Rock Real Estate: Looking at the Past and Future

24th August 2013

A Historical Community

When you look at Round Rock real estate you can’t help but get excited by the prospect of living in this historical community. One of the community parks that reminds you of this fact is the Chisholm Trail Crossing Park, which is located at 500 Chisholm Trail Road. The commemorative plaques within the park give newcomers an outline of the city’s historical past.

Visit the “Round Rock” in Brushy Creek

Bronze sculptures in the park that depict pioneer mother and son Hattie and Emmitt Cluck, remind visitors that Round Rock was an instrumental crossing point during the Chisholm Cattle Drive. The “round rock” for which the community is named can be found close to Chisholm Trail Crossing Park in Brushy Creek.

Round Rock’s Indoor Sports Facility

Another development that is sure to make history is the new indoor sports facility that is opening this coming December. Featuring 80,000 square feet, the complex will showcase courts for volleyball and basketball, and play host to such other activities as:

  • Archery
  • Darts
  • Gymnastics
  • Horseshoe Pitching
  • Rock Climbing
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Bocce Ball
  • Martial Arts
  • Fencing
  • Weightlifting

The “Sports Capital of Texas”

Located at 2400 Chisholm Trail Drive, the new complex will avail any buyer interested in purchasing Round Rock real estate with plenty in the way of recreational activities. So, if you are looking for a home in the Austin area, you may want to set your sights on Round Rock real estate and the beautiful Round Rock luxury homes in this hill country enclave. Round Rock, you’ll find, lives up to its reputation as being the “Sports Capital of Texas.”





Code Enforcement for Round Rock Real Estate

23rd August 2013

Code Enforcement in the Round Rock Real Estate Market is Highly Valued

You’ll find, whether you invest in Round Rock foreclosures or own Round Rock real estate, that it’s important to comply with city codes. That’s why Round Rock real estate is valued more highly and is sought after by real estate purchasers. As a result, you’ll discover that Round Rock real estate listings feature a large number of Round Rock luxury homes. When city codes are enforced, it lends to a safer and more sanitary community as well as a more desirable place in which to live and work. Therefore, you can feel confident about looking at homes in the Round Rock real estate market.

What Code Enforcement for Round Rock Real Estate Covers

Code enforcement applies to Round Rock real estate owners in relation to right-of-way violations, unsecured swimming pools, brush and rubbish accumulation, tall weeds and grass, and visual obstructions that can be considered hazardous. In addition, residents who live in the Round Rock real estate market cannot operate a business in their home that distracts from the residential nature of a particular area.

What Happens if You Spot a Violation and Report It?

If you wish to report a violation, you need to contact Round Rock Code Enforcement at 512-341-3329. When you call, give the office a description of what you believe is a violation and the location. The violator will receive a preliminary notice that requests he correct the situation. If the problem is not ameliorated, then a formal notice will be delivered. For any Round Rock real estate owners who do not comply, code violations that are penalized can cost as much as $2,000 a day.


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