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Round Rock Real Estate Community Welcomes New Retailer

25th September 2013

Residents in the Round Rock real estate community who enjoy the Great Outdoors will be able to obtain all the necessary accessories at Gander Mountain, a new store in this ever-burgeoning city. The retailer, which features almost 50,000 square feet of retail space, is located in Round Rock Crossing at 3021 South Interstate 35.

Outdoor enthusiasts in the Round Rock real estate market who regularly camp, boat, fish, hunt and play archery will benefit from the opening of the new store. In addition, Round Rock residents who are looking for jobs can apply at the retailer as well.

People in the Round Rock real estate market like staying active and enjoy sports and outdoor activities. After all, Round Rock is known as the Sports Capital of Texas. So, whether you enjoy Hill Country hiking or fishing or like to pursue soccer or baseball, the commercial retail sector will accommodate your needs in the Round Rock real estate marketplace.



Round Rock Real Estate Residents Enjoy Lower Taxes

24th September 2013

According to the Round Rock Leader, the Round Rock City Council will be able to lower the tax rate for the upcoming year (2014) because of the city’s strong economy. The tax rate implemented by City Council members is just a bit lower than last year’s rate.

In the report, city officials said that the city of Round Rock and the Round Rock real estate market enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the state. Rates remain low because of continued commercial growth and an ongoing revenue from sales tax.

Officials added that sales tax revenue is essential to the city as it lowers dependence on property taxes. It also comprises just over 50 percent of Round Rock’s proceeds for its general fund. One of the city’s major employers, Dell, is anticipated to supply sales tax revenue of around 30%.

The city’s budget, which is just slightly over $144 million, is being directed toward the areas of utilities, general services, and debt. Round Rock real estate continues to increase in value while the city works toward enhancing services and reducing expenditures.





Bass Pro Shops to Open in Round Rock Real Estate Market in 2015

23rd September 2013

According to a news report in August 2013, Bass Pro Shops will be coming to Round Rock in 2015. Not only is this good news for those who like to fish, it also is good news for jobseekers as well. Therefore, anyone seeking to invest in the Round Rock real estate market is making a good move. As the Austin area and Round Rock continue to grow, more and more opportunities will spring up for Round Rock residents.

The Bass Pro Shops, in the Round Rock real estate area, will be located just off of University Boulevard and will be the seventh store in Texas to be built. Besides a fishing center, the store will also include Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill, which will feature a restaurant and bowling alley with a seaside theme.

So, any boaters and fishing enthusiasts who live in the Round Rock real estate market will be able to shop for their fishing gear just that much closer to home. According to the news report, which appeared on, the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the City were able to reel in the retailer and convince it to come to Round Rock. The store, when it opens, will sit between the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and the Round Rock Premium Outlets shopping complex.

Family activities at the new Bass Pro Shops will include skills workshops, summer camps, and events during the Easter and Christmas seasons. The retailer will be hiring at least 200 employees as well.


Things are Looking Up in Round Rock Real Estate Market!

22nd September 2013

Robust” is the word that defines the Austin real estate market, including Round Rock real estate activities. According to the September 19, 2013 issue of the Austin Business Journal, the average price for a single-family home is almost $225,000, which translates to a jump of six percent from the median price just last year.

The inventory of homes in Austin and Round Rock is also staying on the market for a shorter period of time. According to the Journal, homes now remain in the marketplace about a month and 13 days, which is about 20 days less than this time last year.

When you view all the statistics given in the Journal, market improvements have been made across the board with respect to listings, pending sales, and the total sales volume of houses, condos, and townhomes. Even the number of rentals have risen from last year by approximately 10%.

So, if you’ve been looking at the Round Rock real estate market, obviously you’re not the only Texan who is seeking to make a change. Whether you’re interested in buying and selling or investing then, you’ll want to take a closer look at the selections of homes currently for sale today.





Round Rock Real Estate: City Planners Look Towards the Future

21st September 2013

The historic section of Round Rock is the base for the Sharon Hart Prete Plaza, which is located directly across from City Hall at 221 East Main. An interactive fountain is featured in the plaza that can be lit in various colors at night. The green-friendly font recirculates water with little, if any, resulting evaporation.

Residents who live in Round Rock real estate can rent the plaza for special events.  You can also use the plaza as a meeting point to visit the various historic sites and buildings downtown.

Anyone living in Round Rock real estate knows that the downtown section of town is an interesting place for both visitors and residents to see. In fact, the city is looking toward the future with plans to develop an economically thriving center of town. With the progression of time, locals will continue to see the ongoing development of Round Rock real estate in both the residential sector and commercial area.


Round Rock Real Estate: Kopperal’s Store in Round Rock

20th September 2013

If you’re looking at Round Rock real estate, you’ll soon find a nice selection of luxury properties. The city is also home to a number of historic buildings as well, one of which is Kopperal’s Store at 107 E. Main Street.

Residents living in Round Rock real estate know that this downtown building is significant as it was the location of a famous shoot-out. The site, which once housed a dry goods store, was also the starting point of confrontation in the 1800s between Sam Bass, an outlaw and bank robber, and Texas sheriff A.W. Grimes. Another historic downtown site is the Round Rock Broom Factory building, which served as a production facility from 1887 to 1912.

You can make your own history in Round Rock by looking at the selections of Round Rock real estate. The ever-growing Round Rock real estate community is as welcoming as it is a special and historic place to live.





Round Rock Real Estate: The Historic Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park

19th September 2013

There’s lots of jokes about Texas dry spells. For example, some say that it sometimes gets so dry in Texas that the ducks forget how to swim. Maybe that’s why the tower in Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park is so special.

A city landmark, the tower once was a part of a big Works Progress Administration project that allowed residents of Round Rock real estate to connect to sewer and water lines. The project was undertaken during the Depression. Therefore, it also created jobs for some of the area’s residents.

The Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park is just one of the many special parks you’ll find while you’re searching for homes in the Round Rock real estate area. The original water tower is indeed a focal point and icon in the city. It’s just one of the many interesting attractions that makes Round Rock a place that’s easy to call home.



Round Rock Luxury Homes: Premium Outlets Shopping

18th September 2013

Residents who live in Round Rock luxury homes have found the ideal place to do all their area shopping. The Round Rock Premium Outlets is a favorite destination for anyone living in one of the high-end homes featured in this popular Texas city. Located at 4401 North Interstate Highway 35, the mall features an impressive line-up of upscale retailers. In fact, residents living in Round Rock luxury homes have access to 125 stores in the shopping complex.

Stores showcased at the discount mall include such favorites as Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Converse, Coach, J. Crew, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Of course, that’s just a sampling of the many fine retailers that offer mark downs and specials to Round Rock luxury homes residents.

Locals can also savor cuisine at the mall at such restaurants as Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen and Asian Too. Grab a soft pretzel at Auntie Anne’s or enjoy a coffee that is Starbucks brewed. Whether you’re seeking designer fashion clothing or are looking for a special gift, the Round Rock Premium Outlets is the recommended place to shop.






People Go Bats for Round Rock Real Estate and Area Activities

17th September 2013

Noted as the second fastest growing town in Texas, Round Rock also has its fair share of hill country attractions. During Halloween, one free attraction that is a must-see is the congregation of bats at the frontage road at 601 North Interstate 35. Residents living in the Round Rock real estate market can partake in this interesting showing for a good part of the year.

While the bats can be seen from early spring until late fall, Halloween, needless to say, is a great time to view the evening attraction. The overpass, which is located about a 20-minute drive north of Austin, provides family entertainment that you just can’t find anywhere else outside the Round Rock real estate market.

At sunset, the bats come out for their nightly meal and consume approximately 25,000 pounds of insect dinner fare. From the months of March through November, about 500,000 bats make the overpass and bridge their home.

Living in Round Rock real estate is always a cause for a celebration of some kind. So, mark your calendar this Halloween for this hill country event. Just another reason why people go bats for Round Rock real estate and the region’s events.





Round Rock Luxury Homes: A Top Tex-Mex Dining Spot

16th September 2013

Not only do Round Rock luxury homes give you ample reason to live in the great city of Round Rock, so do many of the themed restaurants. Residents living in Round Rock luxury homes can savor Asian, steak, Tex-Mex, seafood, and good old burgers and fries in one of a number top dining spots. One of the restaurants that is a favorite of people who love Tex-Mex is the Rio Grande Restaurant, which has been a family favorite for over a decade.

Locals living in Round Rock luxury homes can delight in such Tex-Mex creations as chicken chalupas, cheese enchiladas, crispy tacos, and pork tamales topped with Monterey jack cheese and chili sauce. Naturally, sour cream and guacamole complement most, if not all, of the entrees.

The Rio Grande Restaurant can be found just north of Round Rock’s downtown, close to the intersection of North Mays Street and East Palm Valley Boulevard. The Tex-Mex favorite is still yet another place that makes living in one of the Round Rock luxury homes just that much more worthwhile.




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